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Fixture Funding

Funding of the annual fixture list through Prize Money and supporting the maintenance of the integrity of racing are the major areas of expenditure under this heading. A variety of other schemes designed to assist racing's successful strategic development and operation are also supported.

In calendar year 2024, HBLB has agreed its contribution to races in Programme Books (PB) 1 (1 January – 22 March) and 2 (23 March – 23 June). Prize money spend in PBs 3 and 4 (24 June – 31 December) is subject to review during 2024, when PBs 1 and 2 spend will be better known, along with Levy year 2023/24 returns. On the assumption that HBLB maintains its contribution into PBs 3 and 4, the full year 2024 budget allocation is £70.5m to Prize Money and £19.4m to Raceday Services.

The breakdown of the 2024 Prize Money Scheme, and additional expenditure on fixture related areas, is detailed below.

  2024 Budget Total
Ratecard Plus 58,850
Incremental Prize Money (IPM) 3,850
Great British Bonus (GBB) 3,500
Sunday Appearance Scheme 900
Divided Race Fund 1,000
Sunday Floodlit Pilot 100
Standard Prize Money Funding 68,200
Winter Jump Fund 1,300
Programme Protection Payments 970
Total Prize Money Funding 70,470
Raceday Services Grants 19,400
Total Fixture Related Expenditure 89,870


Last Updated: 26 February 2024