Divided Races

The 2020 Divided Race Fund (DRF) has in place a budget of £585k (£100k 2019).

This fund will continue to offer a payment to the divisions of weight-for-age races and will ensure that the prize money component of the divided race’s Total Race Value (TRV) is equal to that of the original race after the first £5,000 has been contributed by the racecourse.

However in addition to this, the DRF will now also pay an additional £1,000 to ALL divided races in 2020.

This has been agreed on the basis that races will be eligible to divide at all fixtures during the year, with the exception of meetings held at Hexham, Plumpton and Newton Abbot.

The Board has been pleased to agree this policy in order to maximise opportunities for horsemen in 2020 in oversubscribed races.

Last Updated: 13 February 2020