Improvement of Horseracing

HBLB is an important contributor to the finances of the British horseracing industry. Some 90% of Levy income annually is applied to the improvement of horseracing. This expenditure is directed principally to prize money, with other payments made directly to racecourses as a contribution towards raceday services costs, such as for regulation and integrity, and as an incentive to stage fixtures at certain times of the year that are relatively unattractive for racegoers but beneficial for off-course betting and therefore Levy generation.

In addition, HBLB makes interest-bearing loans to racecourses for the development and improvement of their facilities.

Day-to-day contact between racecourses and HBLB centres on the fixture list. The British Horseracing Authority is responsible for the allocation of fixtures and HBLB for the allocation of its own funds to those fixtures.


Last Updated: 02 November 2018