Race Incentive Fund - Lower

Classes 3 to 5 over Jumps / Classes 4 to 6 on the Flat

Unlike the Race Incentive Fund for Classes 1 to 3, the objective for this new fund, targeted at lower classes and worth £3.2m, is to incentivise racecourses to invest their own Executive Contribution (EC) in certain areas of the race programme, specifically in Classes 3 to 5 over Jumps and for Classes 4 to 6 on the Flat.

Each time an eligible race type achieves the prize money threshold of at least £900 above the minimum value for that class of race, this fund will offer a prize money top up payment of £400 to be added to the Total Prize Fund of the race and paid out to horsemen.

For a race to be eligible to receive payments, racecourses must:

  1. Maintain their average class of race for the relevant quarter (assessed during the compilation of the Programme Book);
  2. Pay prize money down to at least 4th place in eligible race types;
  3. Achieve the threshold set to unlock funding for that race (i.e. at least £900 above the minimum value).


All races at Classes 3, 4 and 5 over Jumps (with the exception of National Hunt Flat races and Hunter Chases) are eligible for prize money top up payments in 2018.  All Flat races at Classes 4, 5 and 6 are also eligible.

Funds will be allocated on a quarterly basis alongside the production of the Programme Book.  Racecourses should increase the Total Prize Fund of any eligible race to the minimum threshold required prior to returning their Programme Book proofs to the BHA. Racecourses must also ensure the race pays prize money down to at least 4th place.

The penalty for not maintaining the average class of race during the relevant quarter (without prior agreement with the BHA) is no access to the new RIF or appearance money scheme for the duration of that quarter.


Last Updated: 02 July 2018