Race Incentive Fund

Classes 1 to 2 over Jumps / Classes 1 to 3 on the Flat

The objectives of this fund are to:

  1. Deliver the optimal Flat race programme during the Flat Season, thereby making best use of the horse population and supporting race competitiveness.
  2. Enhance the values of particular Black Type Flat races with a view to supporting Britain’s international competitiveness.
  3. Deliver the optimal Jump race programme during the Jump Season, thereby making best use of the horse population and supporting race competitiveness.

The £6.4m fund (2019: £6.5m) is allocated on an annual basis, but not all Class 1 to 3 races receive a payment; only those deemed a part of the Optimum Race Programme (ORP) as defined using data analytics and expert knowledge.  Varying levels of RIF payment are offered depending on the category of race, including higher payments for races that have historically been difficult to programme.

Racecourses are committed to staging any Class 1 to 3 race due to receive a RIF payment.  This is important because it is not feasible to deliver the ORP in an environment where races can be moved, changed or deleted at the Programme Book stage. 

To assist with this process, a sanction has been agreed with the RCA and Horsemen’s Group whereby any racecourse altering the conditions, moving or deleting a race due to receive RIF funding in 2020 (without the support of the BHA) will instead have to make a payment into the fund that is equal to the amount that the race would have otherwise received in RIF.

The total budget, objectives and process used for allocating this fund have been agreed for a three-year period (2018-2020).  An annual review of payments made to each race type will however still occur, potentially having some impact on the split of the fund between Flat and Jump.

Code  Budget
Flat £4,571,300
Jump £1,819,700
Total  £6,391,000
Jump allowance £145,550

For 2020, the fund is split roughly 70/30 Flat/Jump as shown above. There is also an 8% abandonment allowance for Jumping which enables the BHA to over-allocate funds up to the 8% limit for this code in the knowledge that abandonments are likely to reduce the actual spend to within budget. To be clear, the Jump allowance of £145,550 is not included in the calculation of the overall Flat/Jump split,

Last Updated: 10 March 2020