Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: Tuesday 14th May 2019

Management Accounts to 31st March 2019
The Board noted the management accounts to 31st March 2019.

Strategic Risk Register
The Board approved an updated version of the Strategic Risk Register.

Betting Liaison Group
The Board approved HBLB’s assumption of responsibility for the Betting Liaison Group.

Expenditure 2019
The Board noted that Levy yield for 2018/19 was expected to be some  £78m, significantly less than forecast. It agreed that, in the light of this, it would cut expenditure by £5m in calendar year 2019 and that further cuts were likely before April 2020.

Capital Credit Applications: Ludlow and Salisbury
The Board approved

  1. A Capital Credit Grant to Ludlow racecourse of £75,000 to purchase a rigid framed structured marquee which would serve as a permanent facility to entertain owners, trainers and guests.
  2. A Capital Credit Grant to Salisbury racecourse of £6,795.94 to extend its Wi-Fi to reach the stable staff accommodation block and canteen.