Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: Wednesday 27th January 2016

Bookmakers’ Committee: Third Quarter Trading Update
The Board noted The Bookmakers’ Committee estimate of the Levy generated by the LBO estate for the first nine months of the 54th Levy Scheme.

Default Percentage for the 54th Levy Scheme
The Board noted the default percentage of 36%, to be identified in the Form of Declaration for the 54th Levy Scheme.

Income & Expenditure 2016/17
The Board agreed that the Executive should model expenditure reductions in 2016 and bring forward proposals to the Board, taking into account additional information that was provided by BHA to the Executive and any further developments.

Board Committee Appointments
The Board approved, with immediate effect, the appointments of: Neil Goulden as Chairman of the Board’s Audit Committee; Lord Risby as Chairman of the Board’s Investment Committee, and Lord Risby as Chairman of the Board’s Remuneration Committee.