Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: Wednesday 31st July 2013

Racecourse Loans for 2014

The Board approved its 2014 loan criteria and the issuing of invitations to racecourses to provide initial indications of their loan applications for 2014.

Fixture Criteria 2014

The Fixture Criteria is reviewed by the Board annually and sets out which fixture slots will receive funding from HBLB. The Board approved the 2014 Fixture Criteria.

Capital Credit Request

The Board approved a Capital Credit grant of £32,110 to Taunton Racecourse to purchase an additional boom and hosereel for the newly installed irrigation system.


At the end of 2012 BHA was invited to co-ordinate and lead the production of a set of recommendations as to how the racing-related elements of HBLB expenditure in 2014 should be allocated. In 2013, these elements were prize money (£50.2m), raceday services (£16.4m) and fixture incentives (£3.0m). The Board approved the final elements of the 2014 distribution proposals, subject to certain points to be reviewed before full implementation in 2014. The structure of the 2014 distribution proposals will be circulated to interested parties, including all racecourses, by BHA/RCA in early August 2013.