Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: Friday 24th May 2013

51st Levy Scheme

The Board received an update from the Bookmakers’ Committee on the 4th quarter of the 51st Levy Scheme. The Board noted that bookmakers’ Forms of Declaration were in the process of being returned. As was customary at this time, firm indications as to the final outturn of the latest completed Levy Scheme, to the year ended 31st March 2013, were not yet available.

BHA Review of Distribution for 2014

The Board gave initial consideration to the BHA-led review on 2014 Levy distribution. An update will be considered in June.

Board Meeting dates for 2014

The Board noted the provisional dates for meetings to take place in 2014:
Wednesday 29th January
Wednesday 26th March
Wednesday 14th May
Wednesday 25th June
Wednesday 17th September
Wednesday 22nd October, if necessary
Friday 31st October, if necessary
Thursday 6th November
Tuesday 9th December