Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: Tuesday 6th July 2021

DCMS/HBLB Framework Document
The Board considered the latest draft of the DCMS/HBLB Framework Document which would be discussed again at the September meeting with the DCMS Public Bodies Team resolving to provide additional clarifications.

Fixture-Related Expenditure
The Board agreed fixture related expenditure of £26.4m for September to December 2021.

Equine Infectious Disease Service
The Board received an update on successor arrangements to the Animal Health Trust on which significant progress had been made.  Details would be finalised and announced in due course.

Capital Credit Application – Wetherby Racecourse
The Board approved a Capital Credit Grant to Wetherby racecourse of up to £419,936 to fund a new entrance building and an additional Capital Credit Grant to them of up to £52,100 to fund a new canteen for stable staff.

Appointment of Internal Auditors
The Board approved the appointment of MacIntyre Hudson as internal auditors of HBLB. 

Management Accounts to end May 2021
The Board approved the management accounts to 31 May 2021.

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee meeting
The Board noted the business covered by the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee.

Prize Money Mechanisms and Structure
The Board noted the update on historic and current prize money allocations and agreed to work with an indicative prize money allocations and agreed to work with an indicative prize money budget of £64m for 2022 within a range of £60m to £68m. Racing will present proposals along this range in September.

Operational Review: Update
The Board approved an update on HBLB’s Operational Review and noted that a further update report will be made as at 31 December 2021.

Racing Outcomes
The Board discussed the latest draft of the Board’s Racing Outcomes which will be considered further for the next draft of the Business Plan.