Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: Thursday 20th May 2021

Financial Forecast 2020/21
The Board noted the accuracy of forecasting for the Levy in 2020/21 despite it having been a period of extreme uncertainty.

Fixture-Related Expenditure
The Board agreed fixture related expenditure of £19.1m for July and August 2021.

Indicative Budget 2021/22
The Board agreed an indicative income estimate for 2021/22 of £95m and discussed an outline expenditure budget for the year, agreeing in principle to run a forecast deficit for the year.

Sport Winter Survival Package
The Board agreed in principle that HBLB should accept a loan from Government’s Sport Winter Survival Package. A further meeting would be organised in June to finalise arrangements.

Thoroughbred Breeding
The Board received a presentation from the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association.

Rare Breeds
The Board received a presentation from the Rare Breeds’ Survival Trust.

Great British Racing
The Board received a presentation from Great British Racing.

Management Accounts to 31 March 2021
The Board approved the management accounts to 31 March 2021.

Capital Credits Applications and Allocations
The Board approved a Capital Credit grant of up to £9,568 to Hamilton Park racecourse to fund emergency work to its irrigation system. It also approved a request from Taunton racecourse to allocate £94,662.88 to its Capital Credits balance.

Epsom and Walton Downs
The Board approved the reappointment of Simon Dow as a Conservator of Epsom and Walton Downs with effect from 1 May 2021 for a three-year period.