Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Post Animal Health Trust Arrangements
The Board received a further update on arrangements in place since the closure of the Animal Health Trust and potential successor arrangements in the medium term.

Fixture-Related Expenditure: May to June 2021
The Board agreed a contribution to prize money of £16.4m and £3.7m to Raceday Service Grants in the May and June period and approved the full year annual Great British Bonus budget of £3.5m.

Non-Fixture Related Expenditure 2021/22
The Board agreed an allocation towards certain non-fixture related projects in 2021 and would consider the subject again in March.

Racecourse Reconfiguration Budget
The Board agreed the reimbursement of certain specified racecourse regulatory costs incurred in connection with Covid-19.

Financial Forecast 2020/21
The Board agreed the full year forecast range of £71m to £85m as appropriate at that time.

Management Accounts
The Board approved the management accounts to 31 January 2021.

Government’s “Sports Winter Survival Package”: HBLB Role
The Board considered an update about the Government’s “Sports Winter Survival Package” for major sports and the potential role for HBLB.

Veterinary Projects
The Board approved additional funds for veterinary projects of £96,040 recommended by the Veterinary Advisory Committee for projects which had been severely disrupted by Covid-19.

Kelso Racecourse: Capital Credit Conversion
The Board approved the transfer of Kelso Raceday Service Grants (£62,855) and prize money-related grants, yet to be awarded but which would be allocated at a later date, for the period 1st March to 31st May 2021.

Thoroughbred Horseracing Industries MBA (THIMBA): Fee Increase and Funded Places
The Board approved three funded places for the 2021 intake on the Thoroughbred and Horseracing Industries MBA.