Thursday 15th February 2007

Levy Board Rare Breed Grants At £172,000

The Horserace Betting Levy Board will commit £172,000 to support rare breeds of horse and pony in 2007/08.

Grants to thirteen breed societies will help preserve purebred native populations ranging from heavy horses to moorland ponies and maintain high quality in their breeding.

Levy Board Scientific Liaison Executive, Libby Archer, said, "The Board's grants to breed societies continue to make a vital contribution to sustaining and improving Britain’s rich variety of rare native and heavy breeds".

Rare Breed Grants 2007/08
Total £171,920
British Percheron Horse Society £16,300
Cleveland Bay Horse Society £14,050
Clydesdale Horse Society £12,100
Irish Draught Society (GB) £18,080
Shire Horse Society £40,900
Suffolk Horse Society £19,900
Dales Pony Society £7,550
Dartmoor Pony Society £6,600
Exmoor Pony Society £5,800
Fell Pony Society £5,700
Highland Pony Society £3,700
Welsh Pony and Cob Society
(feral Group A Welsh ponies)
Hackney Horse Society
(for Hackney horses and ponies)