Tuesday 9th November 2010

Further Submissions to Betting Exchanges Consultation

Following receipt of the responses to the Levy Board’s consultation on betting exchanges, a further submission was received by the Levy Board from Betfair. Betfair has asked the Levy Board to take this into consideration and has published this submission on its website. Betfair has also made a second additional submission. Copies of those submissions have today been published here. The Levy Board has also received a request from another consultee who, aware of the first further submission from Betfair, has asked the Levy Board to exclude it from consideration.

This is how, in those circumstances, the Levy Board intends to proceed. The Levy Board does not propose to exclude Betfair’s further submissions from consideration. However, in the circumstances, the Levy Board will allow any other consultee who may, like Betfair, wish to make any further representations to supply them for consideration, provided that these are received by 5pm on Tuesday 23rd November 2010.

This is to ensure that every party to the consultation has had a fair and even-handed opportunity to make any submissions that they wish to make. The Levy Board intends to publish here any such further submissions as and when it receives these (subject to considering any confidentiality requests). The Levy Board wishes all consultees to be clear that this is intended to be a firm and final deadline for all representations, so as to ensure finality and an efficient process.