Friday 9th January 2009

Sir Philip Otton Consultant’s Advice Released

During the past three months, Sir Philip Otton has been conducting a consultancy to assist the Horserace Betting Levy Board in its deliberations over the 48th Levy Scheme. Please use the links below to view these documents.

There are three papers. The first preliminary Consultant’s Advice dated 13th October 2008 was followed by Supplementary Consultant’s Advice specifically on betting exchanges and overseas racing dated 20th October 2008. The Final Consultant’s Advice, known as Otton III, dated 19th December 2008 wrapped up all issues, except betting exchanges and overseas operators.

Sir Philip’s reports are the result of extensive discussions and deliberations with representatives of the Levy Board, Racing and the Bookmakers’ Committee. These are independent reports and are currently being considered by members of the Levy Board. The Board has decided to publish the reports, as written, now.

Rob Hughes, Chairman of the Horserace Betting Levy Board said: “The Board is immensely grateful to Sir Philip Otton for his wise and practical advice. We will debate these issues over the next few months before forwarding Sir Philip’s papers as part of the documentation for the Minister of Sport by the end of April 2008.”

First Otton Report 13/10/2008

Second Otton Report 20/10/2008

Third Otton Report 19/12/2008

(Otton Crossover Diagram)