Thursday 15th July 2010

50th Levy Scheme: Bookmakers’ Committee Recommendations and Racing’s Submission Published

At the Levy Board meeting yesterday, the Bookmakers’ Committee submitted its formal recommendations for the 50th Levy Scheme.

The Board agreed that both the Committee’s recommendations and the submission made to the Board in March by Racing’s appointees should be published by HBLB.


The statutory process requires the Bookmakers’ Committee to make recommendations annually as to the Levy Scheme to commence on 1st April the following year.

If no agreement is reached between the Board and the Bookmakers’ Committee by midnight on 31st October in the current year, the Scheme is referred to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport for determination.

As part of the commitment of all interested parties to modernisation of the process, the Board invited Racing’s appointees to present proposals in spring 2010.