Plus 10

The Flat Breeders’ Prizes Scheme was replaced by the British Owners and Breeders Incentive Scheme (BOBIS) in 2013 which in turn was succeeded by the Plus 10 Scheme in 2015. For 2020 HBLB will provide Plus 10 with funding of £2.2m. 

However the Plus 10 bonus scheme which operates across more than 800 races in Britain and Ireland and has paid out over 1,700 bonuses totalling nearly £17.5 million pounds since its inception, did not open for foal registrations for horses born in 2019, with the last bonus races being run in 2021.

This is because British funding for the scheme ceases in 2021. As Plus 10 is a joint scheme with Ireland, the scheme will close entirely in both countries.

Funding for 2018 born horses is already allocated and the Plus 10 bonus scheme will continue to cover races across Britain and Ireland for eligible horses already registered for Plus 10 through to 2021.

Further details of the Plus 10 scheme can be viewed here

Last Updated: 05 March 2020