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Equine Influenza Programme

The aim of the equine influenza programme is to support the racing industry by providing information on equine influenza and minimising the effects of this highly infectious disease on the domestic racehorse population.

Among other activities, the programme monitors the prevalence of, and changes in, different strains of the equine influenza virus. The resulting information is used by vaccine manufacturers to ensure that appropriate strains are included in their equine influenza vaccines.

The programme also includes investigation of outbreaks of equine influenza, investigating and testing vaccine efficacy against the different strains of the virus, developing and promoting international acceptance of highest vaccine standards and advising on codes of practice and contingency plans to minimise the spread of infection both nationally and internationally. HBLB's support for the programme in 2023 is £207,000.

2019 saw the first outbreak of equine influenza in Britain since 2003. Confirmed cases within Racing were limited to just two licensed training yards. This was due to the vaccination requirements under the Rules of Racing, the Industry's prompt action and the support of the AHT.  Incidence was more widespread amongst the pleasure and sport horse population, where vaccination is not universal.

Research is being directed at further examination of the different strains involved in the outbreaks and the efficacy of the vaccines and vaccination procedures available.


Last Updated: 06 June 2023