Education Awards

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Since the 1960s, HBLB has supported post-graduate education for qualified veterinary surgeons to further their equine career through higher clinical or research qualifications. Over £10m has been invested to maintain a pool of highly skilled equine veterinary researchers and clinicians. 

The recipients of HBLB education awards have included a number of full professors and senior lecturers in veterinary schools, many senior posts in industry and government and numerous clinical veterinary surgeons in both university and private practice.

Equine research leaders and industry figures who are former HBLB Scholars include the Director of the Weipers Centre for Equine Welfare at the University of Glasgow, Professor and Head of School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Surrey and Head of the Large Animal Hospital at the University of Edinburgh.

In practice, former HBLB Scholars include the Managing Partner of Rossdale & Partners Veterinary Surgeons, Newmarket and leading veterinary surgeons at Sussex Equine Hospital and Three Counties Equine Hospital, as well as senior veterinarians at the university equine hospitals.

Shown below are the ongoing education awards. 

Current Research Scholarships



Field of Scholarship and title of project


Rachel Jago Dr John Keen

Equine cardiovascular imaging and sports science 

Advanced echocardiographic evaluation of the equine athletic heart

University of Edinburgh
Tanya Michaiel Dr Simon Priestnall 

Equine Inflammatory Airway Disease 

Improved diagnosis of infectious cases of airway diseases in racehorses

Emily Smith  Dr Jayesh Dudhia 

Tendon, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine 

Protecting tendon cells from inflammation to improve regeneration

Katie Bull  Dr Laura Peachey

Equine Parasitology 

Nemabiome, anthelmintic resistance, bioinformatics, identification of anthelmintic resistant cyathostomin species in the UK TB population 

University of Bristol
Current Clinical Scholarships
Guido Rocchigiani Dr Emanuele Ricci 

Equine Thoroughbred Racehorse Pathology

Pathogenesis of exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH) and exercise associated fatal pulmonary haemorrhage (EAFPH) in racing horses 

University of Liverpool

Charlotte Hewitt-Dedman

Dr Sarah Taylor 

Equine Orthopaedic Diagnostic Imaging and Surgery 

Magentic resonance spectrometry of the distal metacarplus in horses with and without catastrophic fracture

Last Updated: 12 April 2021