General Objectives

In accordance with its Purpose, the Board has agreed the following general objectives:

a) Support, as cost-effectively as possible, the provision, country-wide and year round, of horseracing in a form which retains high standards of integrity and is attractive to the racehorse owner, the racegoer and the off-course punter.

b) Place emphasis on generating horserace betting turnover and thus gross profits, thereby enhancing the Levy and so the funds available for pursuing its objectives, whilst taking proper account of racegoers, horse population and other stakeholder interests.

c) Ensure its financial support for the racing industry is cost-effective, value for money and carefully monitored.

d) Apply funds at an appropriate level to the improvement of breeds of horses and to veterinary science and education.

e) Manage and monitor its net assets and maintain adequate cash balances.

f) Continue to liaise constructively with the Racing and Betting industries to promote strong and trusted working relationships for the commercial benefit of both.

Last Updated: 02 November 2018