Betting Exchanges Consultation

The Horserace Betting Levy Board consultation on betting exchanges closed on 20th September 2010 (with a period permitted for further representations until 23rd November 2010). Responses to the consultation can be found by clicking here.

HBLB invited responses on various questions relating to and arising out of the issue of whether certain users of betting exchanges should be regarded as being leviable bookmakers for the purpose of the Levy. The particular issues on which responses were sought are set out in section J of this paper.

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Within the Consultation Document are links to various documents. These are available by clicking on the links below, which show the respective paragraphs in which they appear in the Document.

BEC 25. 49th Levy Scheme.pdf

BEC 44. & 55. Sporting Options v HBLB Judgement.pdf

BEC 51. Betfair HBLB Solicitor Letters.pdf

BEC 57. & 93. DCMS Position Paper May 2003.pdf

BEC 63. BHA Submission.pdf

BEC 63. Betfair response to BHA submission.pdf

BEC 69. Sir Philip Otton QC Report.pdf

BEC 70. BHA letter to HBLB 16th July 2008.pdf

BEC 71. Bookmakers Committee letter to HBLB 4th Sept 2008.pdf

BEC 72. Betfair response to Bookmakers Committee letter 22nd Sept 2008.pdf

BEC 73. HBLB letter to DCMS 2nd Oct 2008.pdf

BEC 74. DCMS response to HBLB letter 20th Feb 2009.pdf

BEC 75. HBLB letters to betting exchange operators 7th April 2009.pdf

BEC 76. HBLB Betfair Correspondence.pdf

BEC 78. DCMS letter to BHA 25th Aug 2009.pdf

BEC 81. NCSR 2009 Report.pdf

BEC 84. HM Customs Excise Consultation 2002.pdf

BEC 87. Responses to HM Customs Excise Consultation 2002.pdf

BEC 88. Letter to Betting Exchange Trade Association 5th Dec 2005.pdf

BEC 92. Gambling Review.pdf

BEC 92. White Paper A Safe Bet for Success.pdf

BEC 98. DCMS Gambling Commission Joint Consultation 2009.pdf

BEC 99. Responses to DCMS Gambling Commission Joint Consultation.pdf

BEC 100. Summary of Responses to DCMS Gambling Commission Joint Consultation.pdf


Annex B - Code of Practice on Consultation

The Levy Board has since received two legal opinions and additional legal advice notes from Lord Pannick QC and Michael Fordham QC on the issues raised in the consultation. A summary of the conclusions reached in the two legal opinions has also been received from HBLB's solicitors, Herbert Smith LLP. The Levy Board invited any interested party wishing to express any views on the two legal opinions to do so by 8th April 2011. The legal opinions, additional advice notes and responses received can be found here.

Last Updated: 24 February 2020