National Hunt Mare Owners’ Prize Scheme

The National Hunt Mare Owners’ Prize Scheme (NH MOPS) is an initiative started in 2016 aimed at incentivising more owners and trainers to race NH mares, and thus provide vital support to British NH breeders.

The Scheme continues for now in 2020 and HBLB will provide NH MOPS with funding of £480,000, witha new scheme in the process of approval. When fully approved, all registered NH MOPS horses will receive either part or full registration to the new scheme. NH MOPS registered fillies from 2012–2016 crops will require no additional fees to be paid. Those born in 2017, 2018 and 2019 may be required to pay a fee to cover the second or third stages of registration.

NH MOPS is confined to filly foals that were either bred in Great Britain or produced by British-domiciled stallions and that have been nominated as potential NH racehorses by their breeders (or owners in the case of foals that have already been sold). The filly foals born in 2012 were the first crop eligible for NH MOPS prizes. The requirements for nomination are detailed below. All income from nominations will be used to publicise and administer the scheme.

NH MOPS prizes are allocated with funds split between owner, trainer, jockey and stable staff. Since the majority of funding for the scheme is derived from the general prize money allocation of the HBLB, no prizes go to breeders. However, breeders are expected to benefit significantly from the higher prices realised by fillies eligible to NH MOPS and from MOPS prizes if they race their own stock.

The NH MOPS prizes are:

  • £10,000 for wins in Class 1-2 Open races, Class 1-4 Novice Chases & Hurdles (but not including Juvenile, Maiden and Beginners events), and
  • £5,000 for wins in NH Flat races.

In order to support the Mares-only racing programme and to aid promotion of the scheme and monitoring of its effects on field sizes, the scheme is confined to Mares-only races.

Prizes will be reduced by 50% for fields of less than 8 runners, and for an individual horse will be confined to a maximum of £50,000 for results in Class 2-6 races plus a further £50,000 for results in Class 1 races.

Last Updated: 05 March 2020